Prevent Etching Your Marbles From Helpful Household Items & Avoid Marble Polishing Services Always

Marble Polishing Services are expensive today because polishing material & labour cost are increasing day by day. You can avoid to hiring Marble polishing Contractors always to remove etching from the marble. There are a few household items which are useful in our house but mostly those items make etching our marble floor.

Use Cutting Boards To Prevent Your Marble

You can prevent your marble from etching using cutting board, stop always from Marble Polishing Services. On marble surfaces, a cutting board can be useful. It will shield the countertop from stains and spills and ensure that the natural stone is not penetrated.

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Use Coasters in Your Kitchen

Using coasters keeps spills from destroying your kitchen’s countertops. The last thing you want to do after clearing up such messes and stains on your worktops or tables is to have them reoccur again due to rings left behind by bottles or glasses. But, spilling a drink is unavoidable. Use coasters to prevent water from getting trapped underneath whatever is being placed on top of it, leaving unsightly marks in their wake. If these marks aren’t immediately cleaned up with soap and water before any discoloration sets into the wood surfaces, it can cause long-term damage to furniture finishes. Check: Marble Polishing Services In Delhi    

Use Hot Pads TO Prevent Your Marble

Granite is a great, but not very heat-resistant, countertop material. You should use hot pads or some other type of protection when cooking with hot foods on your natural stone counters to prevent heat or water spills from damaging them. Check: Marble Polishing Services In Faridabad

Reasons For Marble Etching And procedure To Fix Them Without Marble Polishing Services

Acidic Liquids For Marble Etching

Marble is sensitive to acidic things including coffee, soda, vinegar, and fruit juice because it contains calcium carbonate. As a result, when any of these items come into touch with your kitchen counter directly, they may permanently damage the surface of your marble. Etch marks are dull patches that develop as a result of chemical reactions brought on by acid exposure. Check: Marble Polishing Services In Noida

Oil Based Food For Marble Etching

If oils from foods like peanut butter and cooking oil come in contact with your marble countertops, the stone will become stained. You can still have these dark spots even after cleaning with warm water and a cloth because if a product gets into the pores of this porous surface, it becomes difficult to remove. This is particularly valid for goods that remain in contact with them throughout the night. Check: Marble Polishing Services In Gurgaon

Raw Meat Can Marble Etching

Raw meat could infect your kitchen counter if you’re not careful. Marble is porous, and because of its small holes, bacteria from the raw meat can soak into it. Over time, this could spread to food or other items in the home. Because of this, it’s imperative to prepare raw meat on a chopping board. It helps prevent cut marks from your knife from making direct touch with your tabletop in addition to preventing direct contact with your marble. Although simple, it is incredibly effective. Check: Marble polishing Contractor in Delhi

Daily Use & Our Personal Care Products

If you make it a habit of keeping your mouthwash, lotion, and toothpaste on your marble vanity top or countertop overnight, it may eventually become damaged. Moreover, if used too frequently, the soap scum from these products may eventually permanently erode away at the finish of the stone. To completely eliminate this problem, we advise putting all personal care goods in a stylish tray or basket! Check: Marble polish Contractor in Gurgaon

Heavy Equipments / Materials And Tools Can Damaged

Because marble is a very strong natural stone, many people believe it can support heavy objects. Marbles are rigid materials, though, and if too much pressure is placed on one area of the marble surface, it may crack or even cause your cabinets to fall over immediately.  Check: Marble Ghisai Near Me

Avoid this by never placing any heavy object over an already damaged region because you could lose everything in a matter of seconds! Also, avoid standing or sitting directly on top by using chairs to safely access high places and prevent accidents. Finally, inadvertently hitting your marble with objects like a ceramic pot can cause the edges and trims to chip. With the exception of placing heavy objects on top of your marble, eBay will help you avoid all of this combined. Check: Marble polish Contractor in Faridabad

Don’t wait to seek assistance if you want to avoid marble etching. Give us a call right away, and we’ll give your stone the greatest care possible. Years of experience managing various marble surfaces are available from our skilled specialists. Every step of the way, we’ll work with you to make sure your lovely material is brought back to its former splendour! Check: Marble polish Contractor in Noida


If your marble already gone etching and also got dull, you need to get Marble Polishing Services. Make sure hire a professional Marble polishing Contractors who is having good experienced and knowledge about the Marble Polishing Services. If you do know any professional Marble Polishing Services provider, you can also search in Google as Marble Polishing Services Near Me or Marble Ghisai Near Me.

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